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More about what we do

Body work


Have a major dent that needs body work? From welding to sanding, we do it all. 

Paint work / Refinishing


When ever your car needs paint, we can restore and refinish your car‘s  paint as good as new. Using the latest technology in color matching. 

Replacement parts


When ever you need a new part to be replaced, we can do it! Anything from OEM to Aftermarket parts. 

Polishing scratches


If you have surface scratches, we can buff them out! Saves you time and money. And we will try to give you the best result possible. 

Bumper Repairs


We fix bumpers as well! Many bumpers that other shops want to replace, we can fix them and save you money! Most cosmetic Dents, scrapes and cracks can be fixed. 

More about bumper repairs


Bumper Repairs

Have a  damaged  bumper?  We  can  help! We  specialize in  repairs  small  cracks,  scrapes  and  dents  on  bumpers  that other  shops would  replace!  

How much do you save?

Alot of money! Replacing a bumper is very often costly. It can sometimes reach the thousand dollar mark! 

Is my bumper repairable ?

Most cosmetic scrapes, dents and cracks can be repairable. But can somtimes be unfixable. It will always depend. You can  Always call or make an appointment to be sure! 

We replace them too!

 If your bumper is not  fixable, we  can  replace them  too. OEM or  aftermarket , we  replace  them  all. Paint and  install.  

About Us

What We Do


 We specialize in minor collision repair – also known as “driveable” collision repair. Driveable collision damage is considered any body damage that doesn’t prevent you from being able to drive your vehicle. We combine expert workmanship with the highest quality techniques to restore your vehicle to its original condition. 

Our Goal


 Whether you’re in need of a minor fender bender repaired, large dents, plastic bumper repair, paint scuffs and scratches, The Great Auto Paint can get the job done right.Our technicians take great pride in the quality of our work and in caring for your vehicle. They are able to match virtually any vehicle’s finish using our computerized color-matching process. All products and services used are of the highest quality to ensure the proper paint texture, gloss and finish. 

Why Choose us?


 Many repairs can be done for less than the cost of your insurance deductible, however, if you are going through your insurance company we can assist you in getting your claim process quickly and efficiently. For immediate service, call or drive in today for a fast, FREE quote. You can also use the contact form to the right of this page to reach us and someone will contact you within one business day. 

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